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Daily Activities | Daycares in Mansfield TX

Flag Time

We begin each morning with Flag Time. Each child has his own flag to hold and is taught the importance of showing respect for the flag and our country. During this time we say "The Pledge of Allegiance", sing "You're A Grand Ole Flag" and then sing one other patriotic song. No day would be complete at daycares in Mansfield, TX without flag time lessons.

Circle Time

Our Circle Time is very exciting and sets the tone for the entire day. We begin by singing fun and silly interactive songs. We then have finger plays, puppet shows or go on an imaginary journey that introduces a new lesson or concept. We wrap up by discussing the topics more in-depth by using visual aides such as a bag of marshmallows to introduce the letter "M" or a bag of square objects to introduce squares.

Learning Wall Time

Letters, numbers, colors, shapes and other applicable skill charts are posted on the walls of each classroom. During this time we review these concepts indepth. Our goal is to insure each child is able to recognize these items independently.

Curriculum Time

By carefully following our highly researched lesson plans we insure all children are introduced to the concepts they will need throughout life. We use the A Beka Curriculum and introduce the children to phonics, letters, numbers, colors, shapes, science history, memory, art and the Bible.

Bible Time

Our Bible Program begins with several Bible songs. The Bible story of the day is then introduced through the use of puppets and stick figures. We then work on our Daily Bible Activity Sheet. We end with a prayer.

Outside Time

Weather permitting, an Outside Time is offered each morning and afternoon. This time is an extension of our indoor learning environment, which we use to teach the children many applicable life skills.

Center Time

A key component to our balanced learning programs is this fun time each day. The children may build tall towers or create a zoo in our car and block centers. They may become a policeman, fireman, doctor or teacher in our dramatic play centers, complete with kitchens, play food, baby dolls and much more to allow for a time of fun imaginary play.

Reading Time

During Story Time the teacher reads the child contemporary and classic children's stories.

Meal Time

After saying a prayer the children enjoy delicious snacks and warm, home made lunches. Most children are served "family style" to facilitate the teaching of proper manners and meal time etiquette. Children who arrive before 8:00 am are also served breakfast at no additional cost.

Indoor Playground

Most facilities offer an indoor playground and/or gymnasium equipped with various equipment such as a Space Maze and a Ball Pit. The versatile indoor areas allow for an active play period even in inclement weather situations.

Activity Time

These activities are rotated based on the day of the week and include: Rhythm sticks, parachute play, musical instruments, bean bag coordination activities, and scarves and/or ribbon sticks.

Arts and Crafts

We provide the paint, paper, glitter, glue, pipe cleaners and stencils. The children exercise their imagination by creating beautiful works of art.

Weekly and Monthly Activities

We offer regular activities such as Mr. Music, Stretch n Grow, Bible Time, Puppeteers, Moon Bounce, Happy Meals, Snow Cones and Sundaes. With these and many other exciting activities, children always have something to look forward to. If you are looking for daycares in Mansfield, TX contact us.